Te-Cheng Su

  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Telephone: 02-33664476
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Office: Room 442, College of Engineering
  • Lab: Room 132, College of Engineering Building
  • Education:

    2019: PhD, Department of Materials, Imperial College London

    2013: MSc, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, National Taiwan University

    2011: BSc, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, National Taiwan University

  • Research Summary:

    We often heat engineering alloys to their liquid state for the ease of shaping and joining. During subsequent cooling, materials release energy, change their volume, develop solid phase(s) microstructure, and redistribute solute elements. Those phenomena are very susceptible to external factors ranging from heat extraction, fluid flow, electromagnetic forces, pressure, and gravitational forces. To optimize the quality of solidification processes such as shape casting, ingot casting, welding, soldering & brazing, directional solidification, and rapid solidification, we need to understand (i) fundamentals of phase transformation during solidification of alloys in interest, and (ii) the influence of external factors on solidification microstructure and defects.

    This lab – Solidification Processing and Rheology Lab – combines multiple analysis approaches from solidification metallurgy, microstructure, and mechanical behaviors in order to optimize solidification process parameters. We also investigate a range of microstructural heterogeneity and defects formation induced by complex rheological phenomena during solidification by a multidisciplinary combination among in-situ imaging, coupled two-phase flow simulations, and viscoplastic constitutive model. Deeper insights into solidification defects formation emerging from those approaches are helpful for adding values and improving the reliability of structural materials.

  • Research Topics:

    Exploring semi-solid alloy deformation mechanisms by combining coupled two-phase model and real-time observations

    SPandR Lab 四張圖 EN

  • Main experience:

    2020/08 - present Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University

    2019/02 - 2020/01 Research Associate, Department of Materials, Imperial College London

  • Awards:

    2020 Award for New Recruitments of Special Outstanding Talent in NTU

    2020 TMS Light Metals Division JOM Best Paper Award

  • Selected Publication:

    [1] T.C. Su*, C. O'Sullivan, H. Yasuda, C.M. Gourlay, 2020, June, Rheological transitions in semi-solid alloys: In-situ imaging and LBM-DEM simulations, Acta Materialia (SCI Journal), 191, pp. 24-42

    [2] T.C. Su*, C. O’Sullivan, T. Nagira, H. Yasuda, C.M. Gourlay, 2019, January, Semi-solid deformation of Al-Cu alloys: a quantitative comparison between real-time imaging and coupled LBM-DEM simulations, Acta Materialia (SCI Journal), 163, pp. 208-225

    [3] L. Peng*, G. Zeng, T.C. Su, H. Yasuda, K. Nogita, C.M. Gourlay*, 2019, April, Al8Mn5 particle settling and interactions with oxide films in liquid AZ91 magnesium, JOM (SCI Journal), 71, pp. 2235-2244

    [4] J.W. Xian*, M.A.A. Mohd Salleh, S.A. Belyakov, T.C. Su, G. Zeng*, K. Nogita, H. Yasuda, C.M. Gourlay, 2018, August, Influence of Ni on the refinement and twinning of primary Cu6Sn5 in Sn-0.7Cu-0.05Ni, Intermetallics (SCI Journal), 102, pp. 34-45

    [5] S.P. Tsai, T.C. Su, J.R. Yang*, C.Y. Chen, Y.T. Wang, C.Y. Huang, 2017, January, Effect of Cr and Al additions on the development of interphase-precipitated carbides strengthened dual-phase Ti-bearing steels, Materials & Design (SCI Journal), 119, pp. 319-325