Category Item Credit Total
UNdergraduate    Obligatory School Common Course 12 135    
General Eduacation 18
Department Common Course 74
Optional Deaprtment Elective Course 21
School Elective Course 10

Obligatory Courses: 

  Freshman Semester 1 Freshman Semester 2 Sophomore Semester 1 Sophomore Semester 2 Junior Semester 1 Junior Semester 2
School Common Course  Chinese(3) Chinese(3)        
English(3) English(3)        
Credit 6 6        
Department Common Course  Calculus(a1)(4) Calculus(a2)(4) Thermodynamics of Materials(I)(3) Thermodynamics of Materials(II)(3) Introduction to Molecular Materials(3)* The Production of Inorganic Materials(3)
General Physics(a1)(3) General Physics(a2)(3) Engineering Mathmatics(1)(3) Engineering Mathmatics(2)(3) Experimental Materials Sci. & Eng.(I)(1) Experimental Materials Sci. & Eng.(II)(1)
General Physics Lab.(1)(1) General Physics Lab.(2)(1) Physical Metallurgy(1)(3) Physical Metallurgy(2)(3) Electronic Properties of Materials(3)* Metallic Materials(3)*
General Chemistry(a1)(3) General Chemistry(a2)(3) Mechanics of Materials(3) Introduction to Ceramic Materials(3)* Materials Analysis(3)  
General Chemistry Lab.(1)(1) General Chemistry Lab.(1)(1)     Theory of Diffraction(3)  
Introduction to Materials(I)(3) Introduction to Materials(II)(3)        
  Computer Programming(3)        
Credit 15 18 12 12 13 7
Total Credit 21 24 12 12 13 7

 *At least finishing 3 classes in Introduction to Ceramic Materials, Introduction to Molecular Materials, Electronic Properties of Materials and Metallic Materials.

Department Elective Courses:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Organic Chemistry(3) Synthetic Organic Chemistry(3)
Modern Physics(3) Failure Analysis(3)
Materials Transportation(3) Engineering Statistics(3)
Physical Chemistry(3) Applied Optics(3)
Electromagnetic(3) Quantum Chemistry of Materials(3)
  Energy Materials(3)