M. Sc. Program

Education purpose:

(1)  Solid knowledge of materials science and skills of application.

(2)  Creativity and ability of invention.

(3)  Teamwork and leadership.

(4)  Worldwide perspective and a spirit of social service.

(5)  Professional principles and ability of self-learning.

The minimum of required credits for our M. Sc. Program is 27 (6 credits of Master Thesis are not included), including 3 credits of Seminar and 24 credits of professional and fundamental courses.

Fundamental courses: 

Thermodynamics of Materials, Kinetics of Materials, Phase Transformation, The Mechanical Properties of Materials and Electron Microscopy.

Professional courses: 

All the courses which are offered in our program.

Ph. D. Program

Education purpose:

(1) Ability of independent research and interdisciplinary creativity.

(2) Teamwork and leadership.

(3) Consciousness of social service with a passionate, professional, broad and humane spirit.


Professional Discipline:

(1) 24 credits are required as a minimum criterion before applying for Pre-oral Defense of Ph. D. Thesis.

(2) Most of our Ph. D students will have great opportunities to work as TAs in diverse professional fields. 

(3) Every Ph. D. student should be in charge of at least one specific project.

(4) Every Ph. D. student will be asked to publish at least 3 SCI papers.