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List of Current Research Projects 2020-09-25 3249
Prof. Wei-Hsing Tuan's Research Team Wins 2019 National Innovation Award 2020-07-07 3407
Prof. C. Robert Kao received 2020 Functional Materials Division Distinguished Scientist Award from the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) 2020-05-20 22243
Prof. Jer-Ren Yang is bestowed on the tiltle of "Fellow of the Society" by MRS-T in 2019 2020-05-20 3968
Prof. Chun-Hway Hsueh Elected as "APAM Academician" by APAM General Assembly in 2019 2020-05-20 3694
Mr. Pei-Huan Lee Awarded an " Energy & Environmental Science Poster Prize " at the 11th Asian Conference on Organic Electronics 2020-05-20 4062
Prof. Chun-Wei Chen's research is published as Back Cover of the "Advanced Energy Materials" Journal! 2020-05-20 4151
Prof. Hsuen-Li Chen's research is published as Back Cover of the "Materials Horizons" Journal! 2020-05-20 4340
Prof. Chun-Hway Hsueh Receives " 2019 Ceramic Indus. Award " of Taiwan Ceramic Society 2019-08-22 4074
Mr. Shang-Hau Chiou elected a scholar of the Chung Hwa Rotary Educational Foundation in the Rotary year 2018-2019 2019-08-22 4068
Prof. King-Fu Lin's research is published as Back Cover of the "Energy & Environmental Science" Journal! 2019-08-22 4520
Mr. Tian-Yue Chen Receives " Student Travel Awards " of 2018 TMRC 2019-08-22 5448
Mr. TsaiFu Chung and Mr. TingMu Zhuang receive Outstanding Award in the 6th Cross-strait Green Materials & Green Processing Forum 2019-08-22 4787
Prof. Chi-Feng Pai’s Research Article is Now Available on IEEE Electron Device Letters 2019-08-22 4952
Mr. Yung-Chien Huang Wins " Poster Award for Nanostructure in High Entropy Alloys " of Nano 2018 2019-08-22 4784
Miss Chun-An Yang Receives " Best Interactive Session Paper Award & Texas Instruments Best Student Interactive Paper Award " of 2018 ECTC 2019-08-22 4992
Mr. Bo-Cheng Gong Wins "2018 Bachelor Student Paper Award" of NTU 2019-08-22 4404
Mr. DING-XUAN CHEN Wins "Student Paper Award" of Chinese Insitiute of Engineers (CIE) 2018 2018-06-05 4857
Mr. ZONG-YI CHEN Wins "Student Paper Award" of 25th SNDT 2018 2018-05-17 5099
Prof. Jer-Ren Yang's Ph.D.student Mr. Tsai-Fu Chung wins the "1st Oral Presentation Award " and "Best Photo Award ", awarded by The 35 th International Conference of Microscopy Society 2018-05-02 5377
Mr. Yu-Shu Lin is awarded as the Outstanding University Youth of 2017-2018 2017-11-23 5226
Prof. Yang and his students were awarded "KSM Fellowship" and "Excellent Poster Award" respectively in the 3rd East-Aisa Microscopy Conference 2017-11-14 6098
Prof. Hung-Wei Yen's Cooperative research article is now available on 《Science》 2017-09-14 5594
Mr. Cheng-Yao Huang and Yu-Fan Chen receive 2017 Altruisttic Award 2017-06-29 5109
Prof. King-Fu Lin receives "2017 Marquis Who's Who Lifetime Award" 2017-06-20 5959
Mr. Chin-I Wang wins "Student Paper Award" of 24th SNDT 2017 2017-05-03 5404
Mr. Sean Yang and H. W. Yang receive IEEE CPMT Japan Chapter Young Award from ICEP 2017 2017-05-02 5599
Prof. Wei-Fang Su receives "Outstanding Research Award" of Ministry of Science and Technology 2017-04-10 5351
Dr. Shao-Sian Li receives The Distinguished Lectureship Award from CSJ 2017-03-23 13810
Mr. Shao-Pu Tsai receives 105 semester scholarship of AUO crystal 2017-03-08 5873
Mr. Li-Wei Nien receives 2016 CTCI Foundation scholarship 2017-02-15 5701
Mr. Chih-Kai Wang wins "Student Paper Award" of 23rd SNDT 2016 2017-01-18 5350
Mr. Sean Yang, Han-Tang Hung and Yan-Bin Chen win "2016 PCB Student Best Paper Award" 2016-12-30 5835
Mr. Chih-Jie Chan wins "Student Paper Award" of OPTIC 2016 2016-12-23 5563
Prof. Wei-Hsing Tuan is bestowed on the tiltle of "Fellow of the Society" by MRS-T 2016-11-28 6184
Miss Yen-Yu Chang wins "Best Paper Awards" of Biomedical Molecular Imaging 2016 2016-11-18 5396
Mr. Jen-Jui Yu wins JIEP "Post Award" 2016-06-24 5584
Mr. Li-Wei Nien wins “The 3rd Scientific Art Pictures Contest” of International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA), NIMS, Japan, Bronze Prize 2016-06-24 5341
Prof. C. Robert Kao is honourably appointed to Academician of Asia-Pacific Academic of Materials, 2015 2016-06-24 6872
Mr. Po-Kai Chao wins Journal of Optics' 「Paper of the Week」 2016-06-24 5238
Prof. C. Robert Kao is honourably appointed to Board of Governors of IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society 2016-06-24 6116
Prof. Wei-Fang Su's research are selected as the cover article on international journal! 2016-02-15 6220
Mr. Cheng-Chieh Li wins TMS2015 "Best Student Paper Award" 2015-03-31 5875
Prof. Hsuen-Li Chen's research is selected as the cover article on Nanoscale 2015-03-04 5966
The team Frontmaterials was awarded the top five in the final of FITI launched by MOST 2015-01-07 5735
Mr. Ting-Li Yang wins 2014IMPACT "Student Paper Award" and 2014PCB "Best Paper Award Gold Prize" 2014-10-27 6755