M. Sc. Program

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Education Purpose:

(1)  Solid knowledge of materials science and skills of application.

(2)  Creativity and ability of invention.

(3)  Teamwork and leadership.

(4)  Worldwide perspective and a spirit of social service.

(5)  Professional principles and ability of self-learning.

Credits and Curriculum:

The minimum of required credits for our M. Sc. Program is 27 (6 credits of Master Thesis are not included), including 3 credits of Seminar and 24 credits of fundamental and professional courses.

Starting from August 2018, a Master’s student is required to take at least three semesters of the ‘ M. S. Special Topic’ course, whose credits do not count towards graduation.

 Fundamental Courses: 

Thermodynamics of Materials, Kinetics of Materials, Phase Transformation, The Mechanical Properties of Materials and Electron Microscopy.

Professional Courses: 

All the courses are offered in our program.