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演 講 人:蔡豐羽 教授 謝坤洲 先生 蘇德徵 教授
                謝姍姍 小姐
                Prof. Dr. Peter Felfer
                  Materials Characterization for Hydrogen Systems

服務單位/職 稱:
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität/
Professor & Chair of General Materials Properties
2024/2/16 上午9點20分-12點10分
演講摘要(Summary of speech):
In this talk, I will present our developments at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg to build up an entire materials development and testing lab to enable such research. This starts at the macroscopic level with a high-pressure autoclave supplying gas up to 1000 bar and 300°C. In this lab, we can charge hydrogen and deuterium into materials where the diffusion coefficient at room temperature would prevent this. It also allows for hydrogen charging without contamination of the specimen, as compared to electrochemical methods. This lays the basis for further characterization. Besides all established mechanical testing methods (tensile testing / SSRT, fatigue, creep), we have developed instrumentation for the analytical characterization of hydrogen in materials. This includes a hydrogen capable laser atom probe and a high sensitivity thermal desorption system.
個人學經歷(Education & Research Experience):
Prof. Dr. Peter Felfer