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演 講 人:陳燦耀 博士 

演講題目: 次世代能源材料應用 – 異質原子接合複合材料 

服務單位/職   稱:
清華大學工程與系統科學系 /教授                                                     


A new concept heterogeneous catalyst is proposed by decorating atomic clusters with tunable number of atoms on the heterogeneous catalysts for redox reactions. Such a design enables the interaction between atomic clusters in different intermediate steps. Those interactions simultaneously facilitate the reaction kinetics of all steps, as a result, leading to a quantum leap on the catalytic performance of redox reaction with a few nanometer regimes. We demonstrate that the dimension of the surface decoration can be manipulated down to atomic scale. Apart from using noble metals, atomic scaled Pt clusters were employed to improve the oxygen reduction reaction performance of catalysts. Those clusters are decorated in surface defect regions of Co oxide supported Pd nanoparticles (CoOx-Pd) by using self-aligned nanocrystal growth followed by atomic quench with strong reduction agent. They localize electrons from the neighboring atoms and thus boost the activity of CoOx-Pd in ORR. With a proper reaction time and loading control, the Pt cluster decorated CoOx-Pd enhance its mass activity by 340 times as compared to that of commercial Pt catalysts in an alkaline electrolyte of 1.0M KOH.



美國北卡羅來納州立大學材料工程與科學系訪問學者(2007 - 2008)

國立清華大學工程與系統科學系博士後研究員(2009.11 – 2012.11)

國立宜蘭大學環境工程與科學系兼任助理教授(2012.02 – 2012.07)

台灣積體電路製造有限公司 主任工程師(2012.11 – 2013.06)

高通微機電顯示器製造有限公司 資深工程師(2013.07 – 2014.01)

國立清華大學工程與系統科學系 助理教授(2014.02 - 2018.08)

國立清華大學工程與系統科學系 副教授兼副系主任(2018.08 - 2021.08)

國立清華大學工程與系統科學系 教授(2021.08 - NOW)