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[Intel 英特爾] 學生實習職缺推廣 (One-year internship- JR0241552 Packaging Engineer Intern)

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各位同學好,我是任職於Intel招募團隊的HR Wendy

目前Intel新竹辦公室正在招募1年期的實習生 (7/3/2023  7/2/2024),有興趣的同學歡迎至以下連結投遞履歷,感謝您!

One-year internship- JR0241552 Packaging Engineer Intern

Apply link:

  • Estimate internship plan:Work Location: Intel Hsinchu site
    • 1 year, July 3rd 2023 – July 2nd 2024
    • Full-Time 40 working hours weekly in July and Aug 2023 (2 months) and 24 hours per week (part-time) in Sep 2023 – July 2nd 2024 for the remainder of 10 months.
  • Job Description:
    • Microelectronic Packaging Engineers provide project management, package development and sustaining support for integrated circuit or semiconductor assemblies, various other electronic components and/or completed units.
    • Responsible for early engagement with NPI development to ensure robust package quality, reliability and manufacturability.
    • Flawless execution on product ramp and HVM sustaining activities including yield improvement, change control, excursion management and value engineering projects .
  • Qualifications:
    • Good in English verbal and written communications.
    • Good in MS Office knowledge, Excel, Power Point.
    • Good analytical and data management skills.
    • Familiar with various packaging process and technology for Wire Bond and Flip Chip.


  • Intel Talent Advisor- Wendy Chen
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