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110-2專題討論計分標準Seminar Grading standard

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110-2專題討論計分標準Seminar Grading standard

. 評分標準 Grading Standard

基本分80 Basic Score 80

發問 +3 (不分中英文) Ask a question +3

請假 +0 Ask for a leave

扣分 -3 To have marks deducted due to.(see below)

遲到 -3 Late

缺席 -5 Absence

全勤+5 Full attendance

. 扣分 To have marks deducted

     缺席一次扣5分。5 points deducted for one absence

     遲到一次扣3分。3 points deducted once for being late


Regardless of the type of leaves (including personal leave, bereavement leave, sick leave, public leave), no points will be deducted if you fill in the leave form and complete the leave procedures. Personal leave and public leave must be submitted before class (last Friday before finishing work). Sick leave can be applied for within one week after the incident, but a hospital certificate is required. Overdue will not be accepted.


Do not sleep, leave without reasons, talk, eat, use mobile phones, computers and other 3C products during the speech. 3 points will be deducted at each time.

. 注意事項 Precautions


Please pay attention to the announced schedule and location; if there are special changes to the time or location, it will be announced in advance on the department office webpage.

2.點名方式:本學期有固定座位,上課時請依座位表入座,點名時依座位表點名,有疑義者請與陳助教 Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它 聯繫。

Roll call method: There are fixed seats for this semester. Please take your seat according to the seating plan during class, if you have any doubts, please contact Mrs. Chen at Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它 .


Adding points, deductions, and other related records will be published on the department's webpage. If you have any questions, please discuss with the Mrs. Chen within one week (before the next class). Overdue will not be accepted. The results will be announced before the final total points being sent at the end of the semester; no changes will be made at the end of the semester.


Those who wish to apply for a leave should fill in the leave form or apply online then take a screen shot and submit it to Mrs. Chen in the department office.


Class schedules, points deduction related records and leave forms can be downloaded from the department website.


Matters not listed in this scoring rule shall be handled in accordance with the instruction of the Professor.