20211213 Seminar Speech

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SpeakerProfessor Ying-Chih Lai

OrganizationDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering, National Chung Hsing University

TopicA soft future-From electronic skins and nanogenerators to autonomous wearables and soft robots

Date10:20 am , 2021.12.13

LocationRoom 203, College of Engineering Building

Meeting Link: https://ntucc.webex.com/meet/msentu

Meeting number: 1665 81 1850

Abstract:Deformable and wearable soft devices (including sensors, electronics, and machines) have attracted huge interest because they cannot only extend the scope of smart systems but also provide compliant and safer user experience. Toward the soft future, it is necessary to explore new energy and electronics technology. In this talk, deformable and mechanically-durable energy-collecting nanogenerators will be demonstrated for not only serving as new energy providers but also self-powered sensing uses. First, super-stretchable triboelectric nanogenerators will be presented for generating electricity by contacting with other materials regardless of various extreme deformation required from uses. Surprising, even experiencing severe tearing damages, the device can retain its functionality. Such technology can be introduced into fabrics for wearable uses. We will then discuss the use in self-powered and deformable electronic skins that can actively sense external stimuli via self-generating electricity. The perfect integration of the tribo-skins and soft actuators enables soft robots to perform various actively sensing and interactive tasks. Then, let’s imagine a self-healing robotics in science fiction turning into reality. A self-healing, highly-transparent, and super-stretchable device with energy-extracting and activity-sensing abilities will be demonstrated. Finally, a new energy harvesting technology that can convert ambient electromagnetic energy into available electricity for soft devices will be presented. These works will inspire you lots of great ideas and show tremendous potentials of wearable/stretchable/deformable electronics, artificial e-skins, smart interfaces, and soft robots.