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12/07 專題演講公告

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演講人羅承慈 博士


演講題目Synthesis and Applications of Functional Cross-linked Core-shell Block Copolymers








國立中山大學/材料與光電科學學系/助理教授 (現職)

Yamagata University(日本山形大學)/Department of Organic Materials Science/助理教授



A series of high-performance cross-linked core-shell block copolymers as charge-storage or ion-conductive materials will be introduced. We have been studied in the functional core-shell block-copolymer nanoparticles with cross-linking conjugating cores surrounding by hydrophilic shells via Suzuki-coupling reaction, while the nanoparticles with cross-linked cores using triazole-based comprising several ion-conductive functional groups, such as the zwitterionic groups or triazolium groups with salts or ion liquids were also studied. The nanoparticles presented uniform size distribution and well-defined core-shell nanostructure, while the intra-molecular charge transfer was effectively enhanced due to the incorporation of conjugating groups. Both the conjugating-core sizes and π-π interaction of the prepared nanoparticles were effectively controlled by the block composition. Moreover, the studied transistor memory devices embedded with these solution-process-able nanoparticles exhibited non-volatile flash-type memory characteristics and presented both amphiphilic carrier-trapping abilities. For those ionic-conductive nanoparticles, the highest ionic conductivities of 1.26 × 10–3 S/cm were achieved at 90 oC with the presence of 30 wt.% ionic liquid, which are due to the enhanced segmental molecular motion and the formation of a preferable ionic-conductive path composed of the hydrophobic ionic-liquid based shell with the added ionic liquid. We believe this achievement provides multiple applications of cross-linked nanoparticles as a promising candidate for both charge-storage and ion-conductive materials in the future organic technology.