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11/23 專題演講公告

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演講人 莊家翔 博士


演講題目Investigations for magnetoresistance of ultralow-hole-density monolayer epitaxial graphene grown on SiC systems






中原大學/電子工程學系/助理教授 (現職)


In this talk, I focus on detailed measurements on ultralow-density p-type monolayer epitaxial graphene, which has yet to be extensively studied. The measured resistivity ρxx shows insulating behavior in the sense that ρxx decreases with increasing temperature T over a wide range of T (1.5 K ≤ T ≤ 300 K). The crossover from negative magnetoresistivity (MR) to positive magnetoresistivity at T = 40 K in the low-field regime is ascribed to a transition from low-T quantum transport to high-T classical transport. For T ≥ 120 K, the measured positive MR ratio [ρxx(B) − ρxx(B = 0)]/ρxx(B = 0) at B = 2 T decreases with increasing T, but the positive MR persists up to room temperature. Our experimental results suggest that the large MR ratio (~100% at B = 9 T) is an intrinsic property of ultralow-charge-density graphene, regardless of the carrier type. This effect may find applications in magnetic sensors and magnetoresistance devices.
Keywords: epitaxial graphene, resistance standard, magnetoresistance, quantum hall