11/02 Seminar Speech

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 SpeakerDr. Tien-Ming Chuang

OrganizationInstitute of Physics, Academia Sinica 

TopicVisualizing Emergent Superconductivity by Spectroscopic Imaging - Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

 Date10:20 am 2020.11.02

LocationRoom 203, College of Engineering


Superconductivity is one of the most fascinating collective quantum phenomena. The BCS theory, which explains the microscopic origin of superconductivity, remains the greatest triumph in modern physics. The remarkable discovery of high Tc superconductivity has challenged our understanding of condensate matter physics. Solving this mystery should help us realize the dissipationless electricity in room temperature. Furthermore, a superconductor with non-trivial topology can host the elusive Majorana excitations and lead to the future fault-tolerant quantum computation.
In this talk, I will summarize our efforts to understand these unconventional superconductivity by using spectroscopic imaging scanning tunneling microscopy and discuss the perspectives.