10/05 Seminar Speech

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Speaker: Professor Yu-Lin, Joseph, Kuo

Topic: Surface Treatment on Metals via Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

SpeakerProfessor Yu-Lin, Joseph, Kuo

OrganizationNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology,Taiwan Tech

TopicSurface Treatment on Metals via Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

 Date10:20 am 2020.10.05

LocationRoom 203, College of Engineering

Abstract;Due to the quick development of the plasma technology under atmospheric pressure, our group is continually focused on developing the atmospheric-pressure plasma jet (APPJ) for feasible applications on metal substrate. Our researches related to APPJ systems is set for two main applications, which can be categorized into Surface Treatment, and Coating. First of all, using APPJ to enhance the bonding issues were achieved, which were used for fabricating anti-fingerprint coatings on items such as faucets, shower heads, and kitchen utensils. As a result, the high surface energy and hydrophilic characteristic completely enable the chemical bondings of substrates with the bonding agent for a better adhesion. The second issue will be related on silica anticorrosion layer coating by APPJ, where ultrathin silica coating not only alter the surface property, but also improve the corrosion resistance of AZ91D magnesium alloys. The third is to utilize the rapid plasma-assisted nitriding process to treat the surface of SKD11 cold-working steel for increasing its surface hardness to reach an increased Vicker microhardness around 1095±15.5 HV0.3 within 17 min. After 300K cycling impacts test, the plasma-assisted nitrided SKD 11 was evidently proven to have the higher impact fatigue. For current researches on the industrial applications at our group, integrating APPJ system with a robotic arm is a promising technology with its potential for the costdown on the future manufacturing process.

2020-10-5 Speaker