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者:楊展其 博士

演講題目:Advanced Growth and Manipulation of Complex Oxides

演講人:楊展其 博士


演講題目:Advanced Growth and Manipulation of Complex Oxides




國立交通大學 / 材料系 / 博士


國立成功大學 / 物理系 / 副教授(現職)
Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids / Postdoctoral Fellow
國立交通大學 / 物理所 / 博士後


Oxide materials are gifted systems which have attracted lots of attention over past decades. These materials provide a variety of intriguing functional properties, including superconducting, piezo/ferroelectric, magnetic, high-dielectricity, ferromagnetism, colossal magnetoresistance, transparaent-conducting and etc. Great efforts have been made to reveal the origin and coupling of those fascinating properties. With proper control, the interplays between charge, lattice, orbital and spin degrees of freedom in complex oxides enables us to design materials with new functionalities. The fundamental understanding of the physical origin of these phenomena is crucial in order to develop the principles for materials design and to exploit the remarkable properties of these materials for new practical devices. In this talk, I will focus on advanced growth and characterization of various complex oxide heterostructures, nanostructures, and interfaces to manipulate different degrees of freedom for creating multifunctionalities, which will give rise to novel device architectures and applications, including sensing, memory, and logic devices.
In the demand for practical applications, it is desirable to have a control over the functionalities through external stimuli. A new optical modulation of multifunctionalities created in the template multiferroic system, BiFeO3, will also be presented. This concept might have advantages over the conventional optoelectronics and storage devices, which open a new avenue for the next generation nanoelectronics. This talk will conclude with a brief discussion on foreseeable challenges as well as the charming spots in the field of multiferroics and complex oxides.

2020-10-19Seminar Speaker