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Prof. Wei-Hsing Tuan's Research Team Wins 2019 National Innovation Award

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The National Innovation Award (國家新創獎) is one of the most important awards on Bio-technology. This competition has been organized by the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI) for 16 years already. The team of Prof. Wei-Hsing Tuan (段維新) of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering has won the award for the second time on 2019.

Our innovative product is an injective bone graft. The product is composing of one piece of powder and one piece of liquid. During the mixing of the powder and liquid, no heat is generated during the setting process. The setting of our bone graft is safe to the surrounding tissue. The bone graft exhibits the following unique features: degradable, viscous and opaque to X-ray.

The product has gone through many in-vitro and in-vivo tests. Positive results have received, it demonstrates the potential of this product. The bone graft is bio-degradable. During degradation, the bone graft releases both calcium ions and other useful ions. The release of these ions helps on the healing of bone defect. The release of ions is suitable, which is around 3 months.