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Prof. Hung-Wei Yen's Cooperative research article is now available on 《Science》

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A Cooperative research of development of high strength, high ductility materials was conducted by The University of Hong Kong, University of Science and Technology Beijing, National Taiwan University, and City University of Hong Kong.

It's noticeable that the ductility of medium Mn steel could be maintained when the strength of medium Mn steel was improved, which makes a big difference from the traditional dislocation theory in material science. This research article was published on《Science》,24 Aug 2017
Article:《High dislocation density induced large ductility in deformed and partitioned steels》

In this Cooperative research, Prof. Hung-Wei Yen's reasearch gruop "Microstructure and defect physics laboratory" was responsible for analysis of the mechanism by TEM techniques.

More detailed information could be found at NTU spotlight news webpage: link.



Figure 1  The photo of Prof. Hung-Wei Yen and Prof. Hung-Wei Yen's Ph.D. student: Kuan-Ju Cheng.