5/15 Seminar Speech


Speaker:Dr. Terry Chern (陳松興 博士)

Organization:Honeywell / Director of Technology

Topic:Recent Advancement in High-Performance Fibers

Date:10:10 , 2017.5.15

Location:Room B03, College of Engineering


Ohio State University (USA) Chemical Engineering PH.D
University of Richmond (USA) Business School MBA
National Tsing-Hua University (Taiwan) Chemical Engineering MS
National Taiwan University (Taiwan) Chemical Engineering BS

Work Experience:

Honeywell International, Inc / Performance Materials and Technologies / Director of Technology (present employment)
W.R.Grace / Darex Container Products / Director of Technology and Product Management
DuPont / Fibers / Technical Manager


Aramic and HMPE fibers (e.g., Kevlar and Spectra, respectively) are two of the most prominent man-made fibers that have great impacts on the society. The presentation will provide historic perspectives of both and highlight key innovations that have created new platforms for further innovation. The presentation will also illustrate the critical success factors for bringing invention to commercial success.