4/24 Seminar Speech


Speaker:Dr. Chin-Kun Wang(王錦焜 博士)

Organization: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)

Topic:Perspectives Sharing of Semiconductor Foundry Industry: Competitions, Challenges and Future

Date:10:10 , 2017.4.24

Location:Room B03, College of Engineering


The environment of semiconductor industry is changing significantly. Y2016 is a semiconductor "acquisitions" year.
Taiwan semiconductor foundry industry also faces the strong competitions from Intel, Samsung, Global Foundry and other China foundry companies. Furthermore, people concern about if Moore's Law is going to the end soon?
What will be the technology innovations to extend the lifetime of Moore's Law?
After PC and mobile phone, what will be the major applications to drive semiconductor growth in next decades: All of the mentioned topics will be discussed in the speech.