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Mr. Tian-Yue Chen's work "Efficient Spin-Orbit Torque Switching with Nonepitaxial Chalcogenide Heterostructures" is published on ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, which is also covered by (2020/02/18)

Mr. Tsung-Yu Tsai's article "Spin-orbit torque magnetometry by wide-field magneto-optical Kerr effect" is in the Top 100 Scientific Reports physics papers in 2018 (2019/05/07)

Prof. Chi-Feng Pai received Young Scholar Fellowship from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan (2019/03/15)

Mr. Tian-Yue Chen received the student travel award for the 29th Magnetic Recording Conference (TMRC) at the Western Digital Milpitas Campus (California, USA, 2018/08/10)

Prof. Chi-Feng Pai's commentary on topological insulator is published on Nature Materials (2018/07/15)





















Prof. Chi-Feng Pai visits Prof. Wanjun Jiang at the Department of Physics, Tsinghua University in Beijing (2018/05/12)

Ion-beam etching system is now online! (2018/04/30)

Prof. Geoffrey Beach from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (DMSE) visits Taiwan for AVS-Taiwan Symposium (2018/01/25, Taipei, Taiwan)

Mr. Tsung-Yu Tsai presenting his poster at the annual meeting of Taiwanese Physical Society and received Honorable Mention award (2018/01/25, Taipei, Taiwan)

Prof. Chi-Feng Pai  presenting our recent progress on spin-orbit torque at the Intermag 2017. (2017/04/25, Dublin, Ireland)

Mr. Tian-Yue Chen presenting his poster at the MMM 2017 (2017/11/08, Pittsburgh, USA)

Prof. Chi-Feng Pai giving an invited talk at National Chung Hsing University. (2017/01/04, Taichung, Taiwan)

Our seven-gun magnetron sputtering system is finally online. (2016/12/10)

The founding members of the SCREAM Team at National Taiwan University. (2016/08/20)

Prof. Chi-Feng Pai received the Young Researcher Award from Asian Union of Magnetic Society (AUMS) at the ICAUMS 2016. (2016/08/01, Tainan, Taiwan)


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