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Principal Investigator


Chi-Feng Pai / 白 奇峰

Professor Chi-Feng Pai received his Ph.D. in Applied & Engineering Physics (AEP) from Cornell University in 2014. His graduate studies focused on the giant spin Hall effect in transition metals and the spin-orbit torques in magnetic heterostructures. After graduating from Cornell, he worked at Massachusetts Institute of Technology as postdoctoral research associate in Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE). He is currently a faculty member in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) at National Taiwan University.



2014-2016       Post-doctoral Research Associate, DMSE, MIT

2016-present   Consulting Research Fellow, MRAM Team, ITRI

2019-present   Vice Chair, IEEE Magnetic Society, Taiwan Chapter



2003-2007       B.Eng. in MSE and B.Sc. in Physics, National Taiwan University

2009-2014       Ph.D. in Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University




2016                Asian Union of Magnetics Societies Young Researcher Award

2018                Industrial Technology Research Institute Outstanding Research Award

2019                Ministry of Science and Technology Young Scholar Fellowship

2020                Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association Award for Young Researcher

2020                Ministry of Science and Technology Ta-You Wu Memorial Award


Current email address: cfpai[at]ntu.edu.tw

Postdoctoral Researchers

陳 天玥 博士

Dr. Tian-Yue Chen

PhD Students

胡 宸瑜

Chen-Yu Hu


廖 唯邦

Wei-Bang Liao

劉 彥廷

Yan-Ting Liu

林 俊逸

Chun-Yi Lin

黃 宇豪

Yu-Hao Huang

Master Students

黃 兆中

Chao-Chun Huang


李 永誠

Yung-Cheng Li

程 瑋德

Wei-De Chen

鄭 芷琳

Chi-Lin Cheng

蔡 佳晉

Chia-Chin Tsai

陳 冠豪

Kuan-Hao Chen

高 詩哲

Shih-Che Kao



           Name                                   Degree                    Last seen


吳均庭   Chun-Ting Wu              2017-Bachelor               Microsoft

王庭謙   Ting-Chien Wang         2018-Master              Military Service

蔡宗佑   Tsung-Yu Tsai              2019-Master                    TSMC

詹昕頤   Hsin-I Chan                  2019-Master                    TSMC

謝佑剛   Neil Murray                  2020-Master                    TSMC

陳宗奕   Tsung-Yi Chen             2020-Master                   Corning

羅子翔   Tzu-Hsiang Lo             2020-Bachelor                  UIUC

蕭佑展   Yu-Chan Hsiao             2020-Master              Military Service

彭成瑋   Cheng-Wei Peng          2021-Master                    TSMC

陳建平   Chien-Ping Chen          2021-Master       AMAZING Microelectronic

張庭瑀   Ting-Yu Chang             2021-Master                    TSMC

邱郁芳   Yu-Fang Chiu               2021-Master                    TSMC


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